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In order to enter the competition, you need to answer correctly to the following question:


Each ticket has 10 entries to the raffle. The raffle entries will be assigned randomly, to ensure equal win chances to all participants. Win chanches for one ticket are 1 in 2490.
For a free postal entry, please read Terms and Conditions.

1.  You must be 18 or over, to enter the competition;

2.  You must answer correctly to one question;

3. You must buy one (or more) tickets to competition raffle.


We aim to be as transparent as possible:

1. 2490 tickets will be sold. Each ticket has 10 entries to the raffle.

2. All card payments are processed by paypal or (a reputable and well known internet payment provider). We do not have any contact with your card details. If the drawing is canceled by any reason, all card payments will be refunded.

3. The competition draw will be organized by, and all the participants will have the possibility to check its genuineness (further details by email).

The winner may opt for a cash prize of 20.000 GBP.

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